Sorry to disappoint everyone. Our collective and our chickens are regathering and taking a chill summer. However please visit our Farmers Market at the YOUTH FARM, where you can buy lots of delicious produce and flowers grown in Brooklyn!

Do you want fresh delicious eggs laid by happy chickens here in Brooklyn?

When you become a member of bk farmyards Egg CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of the eggs from our chickens. Weekly from May through October, members receive a dozen fresh eggs. Our chickens are cage free, and can go in or outside as they please. We feed them a variety of foods including spent grain, lots of veggie scraps, formulated feed, weeds from the farm, as well as all the grubs, worms and insects they find as they wander the garden. This means happier chickens and better tasting eggs for you!

How it works:

• Join the CSA. Signing up is easy. Registration is now open - fill out the form below to receive the registration materials.

• Attend workdays and workshops. All CSA members are requested to attend one workday at the Imani garden. Members are encouraged to attend our free community workshops. Please engage with us in the process of raising chickens, building community and celebration!

• Pick up your egg share every week. Come by the garden every week to pick up your eggs. If you can’t make it one week, ask a friend to pick up your share. The day and time for pick ups will be announced soon - all shares must be picked up at the Imani Garden, on Schenectady Avenue at Dean Street.

• Enjoy fresh and healthy eggs. Every week you will receive about a dozen fresh eggs. The chickens who produce your eggs live cage-free and range freely at the Imani Garden, where they eat a tasty diet of fresh veggies and bugs along with a standard layer feed. When you come pick up your eggs each week, you get the chance to observe and interact with the chickens.

Membership is on a first come first serve basis, with preference given to those living in N. Crown Heights and Bed Stuy. Sending an emailed copy of the application form will hold your spot, until checks arrive in the mail.

If you're interested in becoming a member, please fill out this form, and we'll send you the registration materials.