Friday, March 26, 2010

CHICKEN COOP: Framing Floor and Walls Monday, March 29th, 10am-4pm

The wonderful crew at NYRP helped us pour the foundations for the chicken coop last week and now we are ready to start framing! Come join us this week:

Monday, March 29th, 10am - 4pm
Tuesday, March 30th, 10am - 4pm
Wednesday, March 31st, 10am - 4pm
Thursday, April 1st, 10am - 4pm
Friday, April 2nd, 10am - 2pm

The chickens arrive April 2nd, 2pm!

We aren't afraid of a little drizzle. We have several large outdoor umbrellas that we will put up to create a refuge from any periodic downpours and to protect the tools. If there are major downpours, look for any rain delays here on the blog.

Power drill
Tape measure
Speed square
Safety goggles
Work gloves
Skill saw
Chalk line
Any of your other favorite handy tools