Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Day Off - Or So I Thought

The problem with loving what you do, is that you never want to stop. My body was a little fatigued yesterday morning after 3 days of power tools and heavy lifting for the chicken coop, but I woke up early to head to Megan's house to do my first bee inspection under her supervision.

I had watched it all before, but now I had the pleasure of pulling out each frame and inspecting brood patterns, drone cells, swarm cells, and the queen. As twenty minutes went by, Megan started to notice the bees buzzing more loudly, signaling that they were sick of me poking around their home. I quickly but gingerly reassembled the hive.

After the inspection, I went to say hello to Megan's hens and watched them fight over space for a good morning dirt bath. I couldn't help but compare them to cats with catnip: they looked overcome with sheer ecstasy rolling around in the dirt. Megan gave me a four precious eggs to take home with me. When I got home, I promptly fried up an egg from her Polish hen, Perogi: a gorgeous white, pointy egg. The yolk was phenomenal. Great shade of orange and it stood up proudly in the pan.

Then I headed to the Youth Farm at the High School for Public Service for some volunteer hours. The students that were there digging and painting offered suggestions for what they wanted to see growing at the farm. It is so inspiring watching the landscape change and hearing peoples' hopes for the new farm.