Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a few spots left in the Egg CSA...

Want fresh local eggs every week from the happiest chickens around?

There are a few memberships still available in our Egg CSA!

Dont miss out on your chance to be part of the first ever Brooklyn based egg csa. Members of bk farmyards Egg CSA, purchase a “share” of the eggs from our chickens. Weekly from June through October, you will receive about a dozen fresh eggs. Our chickens are cage free, and can go in or outside as they please. Our chickens have a balanced and diverse diet, including spent grains, feed, food scraps, as well as all the grubs, worms and insects they find as they wander the garden. This means better tasting eggs that are better for you, and happier chickens.

Membership is now open to all residents of Brooklyn!

Photograph © Valery Rizzo

Want to join? Its easy there are just 2 steps
1. Fill out an application and send it in (online or through the mail)
2. Pay for your membership, you an pay online or send us a check in the mail.

You can purchase a membership online,

Member Cost Level

Thanks to Valery Rizo for the photo!