Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Urban Chicken Wants to Eat my iPhone

This Rhode Island Red repeatedly goes after my iPhone. There's no secret as to why I always shove my iPhone in all the urban chickens' faces: they are hypnotizing and beautiful. But every time I get the camera out, this Rhode Island Red repeatedly pecks my iPhone with a challenging look in her eye. Am I imagining that look in her eye that says, 'Yeah, I can take you.'

This same lady sits next to me on the bench as I eat my breakfast at the coop. I always thought she wanted my breakfast, then I thought she wanted my iPhone. Maybe, she thinks she's higher in the pecking order than I am!

I am in love with this bird, because I love things that test boundaries. I have come to see her not only as curious, but also a bit rebellious. She obviously has a strong beak, too. And for that, I name her Vendana.