Friday, August 20, 2010

write up and movie from EcoCentric

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People have always raised chickens in New York City but now a new demographic of young, eco-minded urbanites is getting into the urban chicken movement too and coops are sprouting throughout the boroughs. That is why the eggs in this story, unlike most of the eggs that you find in the shelves of your regular supermarket — which could have been standing there for up to two (!!!) months after they are actually laid by a caged chicken — are quite different. Watch the slideshow and find out why.

The Egg CSA is a project of Brooklyn Farmyards, an innovative network just over one year-old, connects owners of idle land in Brooklyn to people who are willing to farm it in a sustainable way. Their mission, as they put it, is “growing food between the cracks of urban development” and they were one of the finalists of last year’s renowned Buckminster Fuller Challenge.