Thursday, January 27, 2011

Help Brooklyn Teens Advertise Fresh Food!

The 10th Grade Go-Green! class at the High School for Public Service has put together a campaign for fresh fruits and vegetables to combat the 10,000 junk food advertisements they see every year on television (not to mention billboards, magazines, and subway ads)! We have more advertisements on the way, so keep checking back to find new favorites. The teens have studied marketing strategies and graphic design techniques used in junk food ads, and they have co-opted these methods for promoting whole, delicious foods.

Instead of talking about what we shouldn't eat, we hope we can shake things up and get people talking what we WANT to eat: fresh fruits and vegetables. The ads range from a clever 'Got Carrot?' Bugs Bunny cartoon to a deceptively seductive 'Juicy Ain't It' strawberry ad. Advertisers watch out. Want to learn how teens would market directly to their peers and other kids?

We don't have $1.4 billion dollars like McDonald's, but we do have lots of friends on Twitter and Facebook. Please help spread the word! We want the message to travel world-wide.