Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Holistic Approach

We often are asked whats the best way to fight childhood obesity, and if bk farmyards has any programs targeted at this. Its always harder to explain our belief in a multifaceted approach, but we think it provides a better result then simply changing school lunch or banning EBT junk food purchases (though we believe in that too!)

We take a holistic approach, and build our programs on the values of youth empowerment and social change. We are working on combating childhood obesity by providing youth opportunities to be able to make informed decisions about their eating habits. We do this both through our educational programs; focused on media awareness, health, nutrition and cooking; our farm programs giving kids a connection to food and fun exercise; and also importantly- providing access to healthy and affordable fresh food.

Our culinary programs have been a huge hit, making delicious healthy & affordable meals on the farm and in the classroom.

You can help by
donating to our cooking program on IOBY, or donating high quality cooking supplies.

We always love hearing about other peoples work with high school age youth and love to collaborate!