Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Support the Chicken Apprenticeship

We are raising some funds to support our Chicken Apprenticeship Program on IOBY! The money will be used to purchase needed supplies and cover the cost of a chicken fieldtrip for the apprentices... AND there is a dollar for dollar match from the New York Restoration Project!


The BK farmyards Chicken Apprenticeship is designed provide apprentices the knowledge and experience needed to keep happy and healthy hens in the city. The Apprenticeship includes hands on mentorship with Ms. Ayer independent work with the hens, independent readings and explorations, and field trips. Apprentices will spend about 4 hours per week in the Imani Garden for 15 weeks. The Apprenticeship will start mid July and run through mid November. We will have field trip on in August, according to everyone schedules. Classes will cover the following topics: • Basic chicken care • Safe Egg Handling • Dietary Needs • Housing needs and options • Providing a happy healthy life • Integrating chickens into a garden • Health & check ups • Direct marketing eggs • Seasonal Care • Cleaning & Maintenance • Breed choice