Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrate Earth!

It’s Earth Day, another opportunity to celebrate the earth. Today we sit in amazement at all the gifts the 3rd rock from the sun has to offer us and how we might ever return the favor. As a farmer, every day is Earth Day. I smell the delicious earth on my hands and under my fingertips; I feel the warmth of the sun (or the moisture of the rain today) on my skin; I smell the blossoming flowers in the breeze; and I watch my crops growing.

We have so many things to celebrate today! To celebrate Earth Day, we celebrate ourselves, because as Buckminster Fuller said, ‘The opposite of nature is not possible.’ We are a part of nature’s giant web. We also celebrate our communities and their rich agricultural heritages. To celebrate Earth Day, we celebrate farmers, expert and novice, who spend their life partnering with mother nature and living by her whims.

I believe we have everything we need here in Brooklyn to allow our community to eat well, to nourish our bodies, our culture, and the Earth. If you want to send the earth a present today, we would LOVE to be your stewards. By supporting our two projects on ioby, our Adult Urban Farmer Training Program and our Chicken Apprenticeship Program, you are giving novice farmers a chance to learn sustainable urban farming techniques so that we can continue to increase access to fresh, affordable food for everyone in Brooklyn. And for Earth Day, starting at 9am, ioby is matching dollar-for-dollar up to $22. So you can turn your $22 gift into $44!

And don’t forget to come celebrate with us at our Free City Chicken Workshops or our volunteer days at the Youth Farm!