Saturday, May 4, 2013

Urban Farm Training Program

The Youth Farm is an educational production farm in East Flatbush that offers New Yorkers opportunities to increase their knowledge of the food system and build high level organic growing skills to share with their communities. The Youth Farm grows organic food & flowers on one acre for the community, and offers advanced farm training and leadership opportunities for youth and adults.

Earn a Certificate in Urban Farming:
Our Adult Farm Training program seeks to provide urban-based adults with the opportunity to gain concrete skills in organic farming, and to explore a career in organic agriculture and community food systems through hands-on training under the tutelage of highly experienced growers.

Through a season on the Youth Farm -- June 3 through October 18 -- you will become intimately familiar with the tasks, challenges, and rewards of growing many varieties of vegetables and flowers appropriate to our region and community.

Through this 20-hour per week commitment, you will gain a good sense and feel for the physical, mental and spiritual energy required to produce nutritious and delicious food, beautiful flowers, and a rich and harmonious community space. You will be joining between 7 and 9 other individuals with similar goals to help manage the farm for 2013. 

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Apprenticeship Components:
* Hands-on farm work on a 1 acre diversified, in-ground farm
* Technical Workshops on Seasonal topics
* Instructional farm walks 
* Training Rotations in Propagation, Irrigation, Management etc.
* Direct marketing via CSA, Farmers Market, and Restaurants
* Working with youth 
* NYC C.R.A.F.T. membership
* Round table discussion with food systems experts

Join Farmer Molly on Friday, May 10th or Farmer Bee on Saturday May 11th to learn about the history of the Youth Farm, our growing practices, educational programming and direct marketing, and to hear more specifics on our Apprenticeship.

Accepting applications through May 15!