Sunday, November 17, 2013


If you haven’t yet given to our IOBY campaign, there is still time! 

TODAY every $25 donated to our online fundraising campaign will be matched!

Show your commitment to organic sustainable food and to food justice based education programs. Help Wingate campus students of today become the urban farmers of tomorrow. 

We want to provide farm-based education opportunities to the 5 schools at Wingate Campus, over 1200 students!

That is where you come in!
We have provided a welcoming space for hands-on and interdisciplinary education to The High School for Public Service since 2009. Stepping outside of the traditional classroom environment and onto the farm engages students minds and bodies in completely new and stimulating ways than is possible in an indoor setting. The farm landscape fosters curiosity and allows flexibility for a wide array of students who excel at learning in non-traditional ways. 

Amounts small and large are welcome. It all adds up! 

Here is an example of some the ways the Youth Farm is used as an outdoor classroom: 
·         Science lessons come to life through plant and ecological observation  Nutrition lessons start at soil nutrient quality: students pick, prepare and eat delicious food. They can taste test for themselves and discuss what nutrition means to them.
·         Art classes beautify the neighborhood with outdoor signs and mural paintings. Sketching classes can inspire the next great artists of the 21st century.
·         Gym classes work all muscles (including the brain!) while cultivating soil and turning compost

For every donation of $25 or above, another $25 will be added by theJohson Ohana Charitable Foundation. 

Please give and let your friends and families know by sharing this on your favorite social networks via email, Facebook, Twitter or by any other means you can.