In 2010 we designed and built a coop for 50 chickens at the Imani Garden in partnership with New York Restoration Project.Our chicken farm, lovingly called "Fort Hen", serves as a site for educational programming on keeping chickens in the city, and all things chicken. 

Fort Hen is a hands on chicken training ground for dozens of apprentices and free community workshops and field trips. In the Spring of 2012 several of our past chicken apprentices took over management of the operation!

Come to the Imani Garden for one of our free workshops in partnership with Just Food and NYRP.  Workshops cover a range of chicken related topics. We have workshops that are suitable for all levels of experience. Every 2nd Thursday of the Month, April to October, 5:30PM-7pm. 

The BK Farmyards Chicken Apprenticeship is designed to teach the basics of raising hens in the city and direct marketing eggs.  The Apprenticeship runs for 3 months. The Apprenticeship includes hands on learning with the current chicken keepers, independent work with the hens, independent readings and explorations, and field trips.  

Our eggs taste so different from the eggs in the grocery store! When you buy our eggs, you are often getting them the same day they were laid. Each egg varies in color, shape, and size depending on the breed that laid the egg, so you can look forward to a colorful assortment each week.  Our eggs are sold to the Crown Heights / South Bed Stuy community primarily through an egg CSA. Please check here if you are interested in some fresh laid eggs.

Field Trips & Workshops
Perfect for school groups and organizations of any age. Come learn about chickens and food justice at the Imani Garden with a hands on workshop. We offer fun workshops for all ages, and can include a focus on games and coloring, to learning about egg production. Contact Eggs(@)bkfarmyards(.)com

Visiting Chickens Program 
We bring our chickens to you for a-hands on educational workshop & fun for all ages. This is a great option for schools or organizations having a special event.Contact Eggs(@)bkfarmyards(.)com